[MUST READ] Forum rules and guild rules [MUST READ]

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[MUST READ] Forum rules and guild rules [MUST READ] Empty [MUST READ] Forum rules and guild rules [MUST READ]

Post by Mystletainn on Tue Nov 09, 2010 9:09 am

Guild Rule's!

1.There will be no Pk Amongst fellow guild member's.

2.If you have a Problem with anyone Ingame make sure i am aware or another Officer if i am unavailable.

3.Don't start anything you cannot finish.

4.If you do a dungeon run without guild member's and you happen to get a piece of gear that someone in the guild need's don't hog it.

5.Look out for one another.

6.If you get killed by another Player Notify me as soon as possible.Don't start acting like a 10 year old.

Forum Rules!

1.Flaming to a minimum thank you.

2.Don't post unless you bother to read first.

3.tl:dr responses will not be tolerated here.

4.Make sure you are clear in how you word your responses [i r grammar nazi]


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