Unova Region Gym Leader's!

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Unova Region Gym Leader's!

Post by Mystletainn on Sat Dec 04, 2010 3:11 pm

Gym #1
Sanyou City Gym

Leader's ~ Dent/Pod/Corn
Grass/Fire/water Types
Tri Badge

Gym #2
Shippou City Gym

Leader ~ Aloe
Normal Types
Basic Badge

Gym #3
Hiun City Gym

Leader ~ Arti
Bug Types
Beetle Badge

Gym #4
Raimon City Gym

Leader ~ Kamitsure
Electric types
Bolt Badge

Gym #5
Hodomoe City Gym

Leader ~ Yakon
Ground types
Quake Badge

Gym #6
Fukiyosa City Gym

Leader ~ Furou
Flying types
Jet Badge

Gym #7
Sekka City Gym

Leader ~ Hachiku
Ice types
Icicle Badge

Gym #8
Souryuu City Gym

Leader ~Black version-Shaga/White version-Iris
Dragon types
Legend Badge


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